Interview with Prasenjit Gautam, GCI contestant and Open Source contributor

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Today I had an opportunity to do interview with one of the Google Code-in contestants and active Open Source contributor – Prasenjit Gautam. It turned out that age doesn’t really matter if you wanna be a good programmer or web developer. Check this out!

Q: Where are you from?

A: India.

Q: How old are you and which school do you attend?

A: I’m 15 and I attend to Dr. Virendra Swarup Education Centre , Avadhpuri.

Q: So, is it your first time contibuting to open source? Do you find it difficult?

A: No , it’s not the first time, I entered the Open-Source community in Hack In The North 2.0 hackathon at IIIT , Allahabad in India. It’s not that difficult for intermediate programmers though as the community is huge and you’ll find answers to your questions in no time as there must be someone out there who is facing the same issue as yours.

– When it happend?

– It happened in the year 2016 when I was of 14 years of age

– Wow… And I thought that I entered Open Source early…

Q: Why you decided to take a part in Google Code-in?

A: I actually entered the contest accidentally. I was looking over for what they actually do in Google Summer of Code, and then while going through the Google Open Source blog, I saw that GCI is out now and in a social media post it also mentioned that it’s the steps for teenagers to GSoC.

– And you wanted to take a part in Gsoc so you joined GCI?

– Well , yes . Google Summer of Code is for college students and as I am a high school studen , it was better for me to compete in GCI.

Q: Cool, so in what technologies are you interested in? And how would you name yourself? Programmer, web developer…?

A: I have a huge love for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology . And , I would prefer myself as a Programmer as Web Development is also a programmer *laughts*

My reaction:


– At 15 years old?!

– Yes , age isn’t a factor buddy.

– I know, but it’s so impressing…

Q: How do you learn programming?

A: Documentations…….Documentations everywhere *laughts* And wherever I face any issue, I just simply keep on checking my code and I’m implementing manual debugging ideas like „Rubber Duck debugging”, in this you have to explain every line of code to a Rubber Duck, and believe me, it works!

– Sounds great :smile: Do you think that programmer or web developer should have everything in head? I mean be able to write working code even with no internet just on the paper?

– Well, it’s a 50-50 from my side in that case. My brother taught me a trick, he was used to call it „Raw Run”, I was used to pen down the code on a paper and what I found helpful in this is that chances of errors are very less. But machine debuggers are handy when you’re just missing small components of the code.

– And in terms of not debugging but just a language methods, functions etc. Do you think it’s okay when programmer or web developer sometimes needs to check out some stuff or find a solution on Stack Overflow?

– Always , StackOverflow has been a heaven for me in some of my coding experiences . When all odds fail , I always rush to StackOverflow .

– Uff… So there’s a hope for me 😛


Q: My last question (at least I think): What have you learned so far during GCI?

A: I was expecting this one really . Well all I have learned so far is that Open Source communities are awesome . And Google rewards you awesome prizes *laughts*

– Thank you for your time man! I really appreciate 🙂

– No worries bro!

Bonus question!

Q: Do you used only documentations to learn all these programming languages which you know now? Sometimes when I read a language documentation I can’t really understand much.

A: Yes , only documentation are enough for me.

Q: You don’t watch any tutorials?

A: Very rarely.


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